This unique Parsha podcast is filled with machshava, deep philosophical Jewish thought, based on traditional sources, from the ancient to the recent. All of the ideas are rooted in Torah tradition, filled with a spiritual message that is potent and poignant for the times.

The current week's Parsha Podcast will be available for a limited time each week in document form for download here:
Vayigash - Tears, Silence and Shechina (.rtf file)



Pesach 2 - Rewards of Challenge (NEW!)
Pesach - Ecstatic vs Measured Spirituality
Metzora - Pride and Humility
Tazria - Levels of Appreciation
Shemini - Spiritual Elders
Tzav - Expansion Within Constriction
Vayikra - Special Nation
Pekudei - Counting Toward Unity
Vayakhel - Names of Godliness
Ki Sisa - Receiving the 7th in the 6th
Tetzaveh - Passageway to Eternity
Terumah - Receiving Torah, Receiving God
Mishpatim - All About Angels
Yisro - Godly Essence
Beshalach - Remembering the Future
Bo - Revealing Spiritual Mountains
Vaera - Harmony of Fire and Ice
Shemos - Meriting Redemption
Vayechi - Double Blessings
Vayigash - Counting to Seventy
Miketz - Wake Up Call
Vayeshev - Free Will Spectrum
Vayishlach - Distorted Reflections
Vayetze - Spiritual Transitions
Toldos - Choosing Greatness
Chayei Sarah - Laying Claim to Israel
Vayera - Formed Through the Fire
Lech Lecha - War of Abraham
Noach - Invisible Unity
Bereishis - Creation Unfolding
Succos - Waters of Appreciation
Haazinu-Succos - Song of Joy
Vayelech-Yom Kippur - Song of Repentance



Nitsavim - Connecting to Spiritual Essence
Ki Savo - Deep Listening
Ki Seitze - Intuition and Transcendence
Shoftim - King of Israel
Reeh - Israel - Mind of the World
Ekev - Accessing the Supernatural
Va'eschanan - Always Connected to God
Devarim-Tisha B'av - Rectifying a Splintered Reality
Matos-Masei - Good Subsumes Evil
Pinchas - Leadership by Example
Balak - Amalek, Israel and Moshiach
Chukas - The Gift of Love
Korach - Women's Wisdom
Shlach - Releasing Fear and Bias
Behaaloscha - Earning the Free Gift
Nasso - Protecting the Blessings
Bamidbar-Shavuos - Destination Within the Journey
Behar-Bechukosai - 50,000 Years of the World
Emor - Secret of the Omer Offering
Acharei-Kedoshim - Who's Hollier?
Tazria-Metzora - Beyond Process
Shmini - Quiet Love
Pesach - Passover Ponderings
Tzav - Poor Man's Offering
Vayikra - Prophetic Paradox
Vayakhel-Pekudei - Silencing the Scoffers
Ki Sisa - Learning to Wait
Tetzaveh - Moshe and Aharon
Terumah - Giving Back
Mishpatim - Borrowing Power
Yisro - All is One
Beshalach - Singing Redemption's Song
Bo - Conserving Spiritual Power
Vaera - Surmounting Challenges
Shemos - Slaying the Snake
Vayechi - Hastening The End of Days
Vayigash - Joining As One
Mikeitz - The End of Time
Vayeshev - Light in the Darkness
Vayishlach - Space Within Constriction
Vayetze - Climbing the Spiritual Ladder
Toldos - Transcending to New Realms
Chayei Sarah - Retrieving Holiness
Vayera - Shining the Light of Truth
Lech Lecha - At The Threshold
Noach - Revealing Hidden Kindness
Breishis - The Real Truth
Succos - Full Reflection
Yom Kippur - Renewing Commitment
Haazinu-Rosh Hashana - Silence of the Moon



Nitsavim-Vayelech - Song of the Heart
Ki Savo - Begin Again!
Ki Seitze - Good Brings Good
Shoftim - Quiet Protection
Re'eh - Climbing God's Mountain
Ekev - Inheriting the Land
Vaeschanan - Extending and Defining Borders
Devarim & Tisha B'av - Stars and Fire
Masei - Warring for Israel
Matos - Fighting for God's Sake
Pinchas - 7 year podcast anniversary
Balak - Threshold Immorality
Chukas - Transcendent Statute
Korach - Hierarchy and Equality
Shlach - Letting Go Of Results
Behaaloscha - Shining God's Light
Nasso - Power of Commitment
Bimidbar - Counting Names
Bechukosai - Visions of Greatness
Behar - Losing Oneself in Unity
Emor - Counting from Pesach to Shavuos
Kedoshim - Love Your Neighbor, Love Yourself
Acharei Mos and Pesach - From Egypt to Canaan
Metzora - Process of Return
Tazria - Later and Earlier
Shmini - Talent and Torah
Tzav and Purim - North and South
Vayikra - Soul Desire
Pekudei - Spiritually Infused Livelihood
Vayakhel - Moshiach, Mishkan and Shabbos
Ki Sisa - Light Your Unique Flame
Tezaveh - Do We Have Free Will?
Terumah - Drawing Down Holiness
Mishpatim - Redeeming Truth From Darkness
Yisro - Number Three and Relationships
Beshalach - Transcendent Song
Bo - Finding Spiritual Alignment
Vaera - Silence Amidst Chaos
Shemos - Foundations of Exile
Vayechi - Finding Good Points
Vayigash - Love and Tears
Mikeitz and Chanukah - Stepping Up
Vayeshev - Unconditional Love and Judgment
Vayishlach - Secret of the Ibbur
Vayetzei - Dreams of Heaven
Toldos - Spiritual Power
Chayei Sarah - Spiritual Roots
Vayera - Chamber of Exchanges
Lech Lecha - Find Your Voice!
Noach - Floods and Dispersions
Simchas Torah-Breshis - Full Circle
Succos and Yosef
Yom Kippur and Unity
Haazinu - Hashem's Crown of Dew



Nitsavim-Vayelech - Climbing the spiritual ladder
Ki Savo - Using This Day
Ki Seitze - Facing the Spiritual War
Shoftim - Finding Spiritual Guidance
Reeh - Spiritual Laws of Livelihood
Ekev - Balancing Love and Awe
Vaeschanan - Love Hashem with all your heart
Devarim - Song and Prayer of Redemption
Matos-Masei - Wisdom, power and wealth
Pinchas - Mantle of Leadership
Balak - Forces and Counter-forces
Chukas - Songs of Salvation
Korach - Aharon's transcendent peace
Shlach - Inclusive Spirituality
Behaaloscha - Holiness Amidst Impurity
Nasso - Serving Hashem Intuitively
Bimidbar - Counting the uncountable
Behar-Bechukosai - Giving it back to God
Emor - Serving Hashem Simply
Acharei-Kedoshim - Balancing Spiritual and Physical
Tazria-Metzora - Facing Spiritual Sickness
Shmini - Accessing the transcendent
Pesach - Pieces of Completion
Tzav - Purity of intent
Vayikra - Voice of Love
Vayakhel-Pekudei - Prayers of a Lion
Ki Sisa - Unbreakable Love
Tetzaveh - Mishkan and Purim
Terumah - Expansion in Constriction
Mishpatim - Practical Spirituality
Yisro - Hashem is there for us
Beshalach - Pillar of fire, Pillar of cloud
Bo - Willingness vs Defiance
Vaera - Raising the Cup of Salvation
Shemos - Firmness, Patience and Compassion
Vayechi - Blessings and Prayers
Vayigash - Tears, Silence and Shechina
Miketz - Salvation in the blink of an eye
Vayeshev - Yaakov and Yosef
Vayishlach - Truth of the Soul
Vayetzei - Synthesis of opposites
Toldos - Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov
Chayei Sarah - Developing Willingness
Vayera - Kindness and Surrender
Lech Lecha - Inspiring impressions
Noach - Illusion and Reality
Breishis - Waters of Love
Succos-Vzos Habracha - Riding the Willow
Haazinu - Heaven and Earth, Mind and Heart
Vayelech - Giving it all to Hashem



Nitsavim - Voices inside, voices outside
Ki Savo - Rejoicing in darkness
Ki Seitze - Sending away the mother
Shoftim - Preparing for war
Reeh - Elul - culmination and preparation
Ekev - Divine Advice
Vaeschanan - Resonating with Truth
Devarim - Where is His place?
Matos-Masei - Vows, Humility and Unity
Pinchas - Zealous Patience
Balak - Truth and Will
Chukas - Waters of Desire
Korach - Understanding the Tzaddik
Shelach - Spiritual resonance
Behaaloscha - Doing what you really want
Naso - Love and respect
Bimidbar - Reflecting Hashem's Love
Bechukosai - Facing the Truth
Behar - Thanking Hashem for the challenges
Emor - Beauty and Greatness
Acharei Kedoshim - Understanding the logic of illogic
Tazria Metzora - Birth and Rebirth
Shmini - Six, Seven and Eight
Pesach - Leaving Egypt with great riches
Tzav - Traversing Adar and Nissan
Vayikra - Prayer and sacrifice
Vayakhel-Pekudei - Sensing Hashem in our lives
Ki Sisa - Secret of the Ibbur
Tetzaveh - Valuing our purpose
Terumah - The secret of Lishma
Mishpatim - Closeness and Tikkun
Yisro - Stages of completion
Beshalach - Removing husks, revealing soul
Bo - Spiritual depth perception
Vaera - Moshe and Aharon, the Geulah team
Shemos - Birthpangs of Redemption
Vayechi - Lesson of Beit Shemesh
Vayigash - Deep Tikkun
Miketz - Pawn of Hashem
Vayeshev - Making of a leader
Vayishlach - Keep the fire burning
Vayetzei - Thanks and surrender
Toldos - Space for defiance
Chayei Sarah - Neshama, the lit candle
Vayera - Revealing God's plan
Lech Lecha - Avraham and Canaan
Noach - Spiritual hibernation
Bereshis - Creation's resistance
Succos - Circling the center
Haazinu & Yom Kippur - Transitions



Nitsavim-Vayelech - Today
Ki Savo - Blessings from Alef to Tav
Ki Seitzei - War of the Soul
Shoftim - The judge's example
Reeh - Cessation at seven
Ekev - 120 days
Va'eschanan - True Love
Devarim - Where are you?
Masei - Coverings and contrasts
Matos - Humility and redemption
Pinchas - Shmini Atzeres and Pinchas
Balak - Uncovering the still, fine voice
Chukas - Sweetening judgments
Korach - Acceptance and consequence>
Shlach - Power of trust
Behaaloscha - Trumpets and troubles
Shavuos - Reflecting Torah light
Nasso - The key to egolessness
Bimidbar - Lesson of the wilderness
Bechukosai - The missing letter vav's
Behar - The real secret
Emor - Transforming the physical
Kedoshim - Holiness and lishma
Acharei - Seducing the Satan
Metzora - Unconditional love
Shmini - Simcha and sadness
Tzav and Purim - Secret of seventy
Vayikra - Understanding forgiveness
Pekudei - Revealed and concealed
Vayakhel - Active and passive relationship
Ki Sisa - Rebuilding relationships
Tetzaveh - Clothes that atone
Terumah - Spiritual gravity
Mishpatim - Seeing and hearing
Yisro - Light in the darkness
Beshalach - Water, prophecy, and song
Bo - Keser and Malchus
Vaera - Lesson of the frogs
Shemos - Moshe and names
Vayechi - Modesty and blessings
Vayigash - Climax and culmination
Miketz - Chanukah and Yosef
Vayeshev - Shimon and Yosef
Vayishlach - Yakov, Rochel and Binyomin
Vayetzei - Catalyst for Good
Toldos - Beginnings and Ends
Chayei Sarah - Passing the mantle
Vayera - Times of transition
Lech Lecha - Beauty and spirituality
Noach - The flood and the dispersion
Bereshis - The snake and the Satan
Succos - Beyond relationship
Yom Kippur - Bribing the Satan



Haazinu/Rosh Hashana - Bearing witness
Nitzavim-Vayelech - Hashem is close
Ki Savo - Choosing Hashem
Ki Seitsei - Rejoicing in marriage
Shoftim - Trusting the sages
Re'eh - Understanding idolatry
Ekev - Two types of relationship
Vaeschanan - Hashem and Israel's love
Devarim - Tisha B'av and the spies
Matos-Masei - The Midyan war
Pinchas - The Pinchas-Eliyahu connection
Balak - Mystery of Bilam
Chukas - The death of Miriam
Korach - Understanding the female aspect
Shelach - Transcendent Jewish Unity
Behaaloscha - Revealing hidden light
Nasso - Responsibly leading
Shavuos - Torah through the night
Bimidbar - Intensifying relationships
Behar-Bechukosai - Connection through disconnection
Emor - Conduit of Blessings
Acharei-Kedoshim - Understanding true holiness
Tazria-Metzora - Seven and Unity
Shemini - True leadership
Pesach - Ultimate rectification
Tzav - Oil of transcendence
Vayikra - Expansion in Limitation
Vayakhel-Pekudei - Hashem's unconditional love
Ki Sisa - Reflecting the light
Tetzaveh and Purim - Hidden connection
Terumah - In and out of reality
Mishpatim - Partners in Reality
Yisro - Finding the true God
Beshalach - Understanding relationships
Bo - Gathering sparks
Vaera - Power of change
Shemos - Pride, self destruction, and redemption
Vayechi - Efraim, Yosef, and fruit
Vayigash - The secret of tears
Miketz - Clothing, the bris, food and speech
Vayeshev - Dreams and Chanukah
Vayishlach - The secret of Shechem
Vayetzei - Turn it around
Toldos - Esav and Moshiach ben Yosef
Chayei Sarah - Lifting the physical
Vayera - Binding of Yitzchak
Lech Lecha - Divine humor
Noach - The tzadik's role
Bereshis - Subduing the Ego
Shmini Atzeres - Vzos Habracha
Succos, willows and water
Yom Kippur - Day of transcendence
Haazinu - Connecting Heaven and Earth
Rosh Hashana - Day of Unity



Nitzavim-Vayelech - Teshuva and Torah
Ki Savo - Removing the husks
Ki Seitzei - Tasting the tree
Shoftim - Spiritual battle preparations
Re'eh - Climbing spiritual mountains
Ekev - Understanding fear of Hashem
Va'eschanan - Loving Hashem
Tisha B'av
Devarim - Meriting Mercy
Matos-Masei - Unifying Hashem
Pinchas - Spiritual balance
Balak - Swallowing development
Chukas - Cows, calves, and oxen
Korach - Equality vs. self esteem
Shlach - Depth of forty
Beha'aloscha - Understanding the Erev Rav
Beha'aloscha - addendum (1 minute)
Naso - Sotah and Nazir
Shavuos - Light of Moshiach
Bimidbar - Love and counting
Behar-Bechukosai - Secret of the Shofar
Emor - Balancing Emotion and Intellect <-- MUST LISTEN!
Acharei-Kedoshim - Removing barriers
Tazria-Metzora - Cycles of spirituality
Shmini - Kosher signs
Pesach - Blossoming redemption
Tzav - Action and intent
Vayikra - Sacrifices and prayer

Vayakhel-Pekudei - The five dimensions of reality
Ki Sisa - Wisdom, understanding, and knowledge
Purim - Cursing Haman, Blessing Mordechai
Tetzaveh - Transcending individuality
Terumah - Experiencing revelation
Mishpatim - Between man and his fellow
Yisro - Seeing and hearing God
Beshalach - Accessing the supernatural
Bo - Water, blood and the Moon
Va'era - Fall of the river god
Shemos - Women and Redemption
Vayechi - Revealing Redemption
Vayigash - Yehuda's power
Chanukah - Spreading Light
Miketz - Facing adversity
Vayeshev - Yosef and Moshiach
Vayishlach - Fighting Esav
Vayetze - Doing what it takes
Toldos - Mr. Superficiality
Chayei Sarah - Encouraging goodness
Vayera - Removing restraint
Lech Lecha - World-class kindness
Noach - Rain
Beraishis - Knowing Good and Bad
Vzos Habracha - Real Knowledge
Succos - Majestic Joy
Haazinu - Taking Opportunities
Vayelech - More on Teshuva



Nitzavim - Teshuva
Ki Savo - Serving God with joy
Ki Seitze - Beyond the surface
Shoftim - Simple faith
Re'eh - Ultimate joy
Ekev - It's all from Hashem
Va'eschanan - Hold on tight!
Devarim - Standing at the threshold
Masei - Israel, live the dream
Matos - Beauty of humility
Pinchas - The strength within
Balak - For God's sake!
Chukas - Unity and disparity
Korach - Fringe of blue
Shlach - Removing the distorted lens
Beha'aloscha - Complain Right!
Shavuos - Receiving the Torah
Naso - Inspirational effects
Bimidbar - Every Jew Counts!
Bechukosy - Toiling in Torah effects change
Behar - It's all Hashem's
Emor - Judgments, Merits, and Gratitude
Kedoshim - Gotta love 'em!
Pesach - Building up to Shavuos
Acharei Mos and Pesach - One is Hashem
Metzora - House Problems
Tazria - Power of Speech
Shmini - Love and Fear

Tzav - Thanksgiving offering & Purim
Vayikra - Spiritual Sacrifice

Pekudei - Make the right choice!

Vayakhel - Shabbos, the Mishkan & the moon

Ki Sisa - Spiritual Power in Numbers

Tetzaveh - The purpose of Creation
Terumah - The Ark, the Menorah, and the Table
Mishpatim - Everything is from Hashem
Yisro (and Tu B'shvat)

Beshalach - The Manna's Lesson
Bo - Real Devotion to God
Va'era - The Secret of personal growth
Shemos - Jewish National destiny (very fundamental)
Vayechi - The spiritual victor
Vayigash - First quality
Miketz - Facing adversity
Vayeshev - Sensing the Divine
Vayishlach/Chanuka - Connecting to God
Vayetze - Building a nation
Toldos - Self deception
Chayai Sarah - Being real
Vayera - Taking spirituality to its end
Lech Lecha - Individuality
Noach - Stealing's the crime
Bereshis - Spiritual desire
Simchas Torah - Joy of completion
Succos - Essence of the holiday
Yom Kippur - Essence of the holiday


Haazinu-Shuva - More on Teshuva
Nitzavim-Vayelech - Teshuva/repentance
Ki Savo - Giving and taking
Ki Seitzei - The spiritual/physical duality
Shoftim - The king's secret
Re'eh - Committing to God
Ekev - Reward in this world

Va'eschanan - Love God
Devarim - Tisha B'av and the spies
Matos-Masei - The unintentional murderer
Pinchas - Seven and eight

Shemos - Meriting redemption
Vayishlach - Man's greatness