Ari Goldwag's Biography

Ari Goldwag was born and raised in New York. His family moved to Long Island when he was five, and there he started school in the Hebrew Academy of Nassau County. Perhaps his first musical experience was in kindergarten there, where his music teacher was Rabbi Yossi Lieber, who had sung with Yossi Toiv in the group Or Chadash. The exposure he had then to Jewish music continued through his elementary school years as he entered the choir of Seymour Silbermintz A"H, who for decades was deeply involved in Jewish music as well. His interest in this genre of music was piqued one evening when his parents brought him to a concert of the Miami Boys Choir, directed by Yerachmiel Begun. The album they brought home with them (Bisyata Dishmaya) would become Ari's favorite, and would be the impetus for his mother to encourage him to join the choir himself. Ari would always be found singing, and his mother felt that there was great talent that remained untapped in her young child. This dream became a reality when Ari was accepted into the Miami Boys Choir, and went on to become star-soloist, appearing on five albums of the choir and three of their videos. He performed then across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and in Europe and Israel. During this time, he also began composing and recording his compositions on a small four-track recorder his parents bought him. He would also accompany himself with his keyboard that he had learned to play by ear. As he entered his teens his voice changed, and he began studying voice under Cantor Hersh Einhorn. During that same time he began to learn in the Yeshiva of Far Rockaway. Over the years he composed many beautiful songs, and after some time learning in Israel and his marriage, he brought them together in a beautiful collection which was entitled "Lishuascha Kivinu" - for your salvation do we long. This album brought with it other offers to sing on other albums, and thus he was featured on the albums, "Sameach at the wheel," and "Vzocher" with Mendy Wald and Shloime Dachs. His newest album, entitled "Simcha Blibi" - the joy in my heart - has just been released. This album features a stunning string section featuring players from the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as many of the finest musicians in Israel and America. One of the features on each of Ari's solo albums is his signature english songs. Beside for the beautiful and moving hebrew songs featuring lyrics from the psalms and prayers, the english songs provide a venue for Ari to express his emotion and give over a message that is both poignant and thought-provoking. Two of his english songs were composed and written by his good friend Dror Kivodi. These songs also present a very 'with-it' sound, and provide the perfect backdrop for the concepts relayed therein. Ari is now working on a number of new projects, which he hopes will truly find a place in your hearts.

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